Spiral Cooler

The Scanico Spiral Cooler (SC) consists of a spiral arrangement built inside an isolated enclosure. The internal air is continuously cooled and circulated horizontally over the product. The Spiral Cooler is ideal for food applications where a fast and uniform cooling is required.

  • Belt width up to 1500 mm
  • Single drum or twin drum spiral
  • Steel or plastic spiral belt
  • Stacking or non-stacking spiral belt
  • Including heat exchanger and air fans
  • Horizontal airflow for quick cooling and reduced product dehydration
  • Maximum utilization of the spiral belt, as no air has to pass through the belt
  • In-feed and out-feed in the same pressure zone
  • No need for floor heating
  • Multiple drive motors
  • Recipe-controlled for easy operation
  • Flexible design with multiple layout options
  • Manufactured in stainless steel with open profiles for easier cleaning
Scanico Spiral Cooler


Scanico A/S, meat products
Scanico A/S, poultry products
Scanico A/S, seafood products
Scanico A/S, bakery products
Scanico A/S, Dairy products
Scanico A/S, convenience products