Spiral Cooker / Pasteurizer

The Scanico Spiral Cooker / Pasteurizer (SST) is suitable for medium to high capacity cooking and pasteurizing lines, for heat treatment of packed or non-packed food products. Temperature and humidity is constantly monitored and controlled throughout the entire process. Mounted with fans for effective airflow.

  • Belt width up to 1000 mm
  • Single drum or twin drum spiral
  • Direct or indirect steam heating
  • Steel belt
  • Multiple drive motors
  • Recipe-controlled for easy operation
  • Flexible design with multiple layout options
  • Manufactured in stainless steel with open profiles for easier cleaning
Scanico Spiral Cooker - Pasteurizer


Scanico A/S, meat products
Scanico A/S, poultry products
Scanico A/S, seafood products
Scanico A/S, convenience products