Single Drum Freezer

Designed for medium-large capacity processing lines with belt width up to 1500 mm, the Single Drum Spiral Freezer (SF) is suitable for almost any processing line. Extra strong belt supports makes it possible to carry heavy products demanding a long retention time. The spiral freezer is the most flexible spiral solution and can be adapted to fit almost any processing line.

  • Belt width up to 1500 mm
  • Product height as per request
  • Steel or plastic spiral belt
  • Non-stacking spiral belt for heavy product load
  • Optional: Sequential defrosting of evaporators
  • Can be adapted to suit almost any processing line
  • Capable of running with heavy products (high belt load)
  • Horizontal airflow for quick freezing and reduced product dehydration
  • Maximum utilization of the spiral belt, as no air has to pass through the belt
  • In-feed and out-feed in the same pressure zone
  • No need for floor heating
  • Multiple drive motors
  • Recipe-controlled for easy operation
  • Flexible design with multiple layout options
  • Manufactured in stainless steel with open profiles for easier cleaning

Single Drum Spiral Freezer

Scanico Single Drum Spiral Freezer


Scanico A/S, meat products
Scanico A/S, poultry products
Scanico A/S, seafood products
Scanico A/S, bakery products
Scanico A/S, Dairy products
Scanico A/S, Ice cream products