Belt freezer

The Scanico Belt Freezer (SBF) is highly suitable for freezing of diced meat products and other similar small products. Upward vertical airflow in combination with belt tumblers creates a gentle turbulence in the product layer, ensuring a high-quality IQF product. In-feed and out-feed positioned at floor level of the Scanico Belt Freezer allows for an easy transfer from/to further processing lines.

  • Belt width up to 1400 mm
  • One or more belts in different widths
  • Flexible design, with standard extendable modules
  • Easily adjustable degree of turbulence
  • Heavy-duty drive motor
  • No need for floor heating
  • Recipe-controlled for easy operation
  • Manufactured in stainless steel with open profiles for easier cleaning
Scanico A/S, Belt Freezer


Scanico A/S, meat products
Scanico A/S, poultry products
Scanico A/S, seafood products
Scanico A/S, Fruit & vegetable products