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Scanico Ambient Spiral Cooler

Ambient Spiral Cooler

The Scanico Ambient Spiral Cooler is often used as a pre-cooler to reduce the internal heat of food products before they enter a spiral freezer.

Scanico Spiral Cooler

Spiral Cooler

The Scanico Spiral Cooler is built inside an isolated enclosure. The Spiral Cooler is ideal for food applications where a fast and uniform cooling is required.

Scanico SingleStacking Freezer

SingleStacking Freezer

The Scanico SingleStacking Spiral Freezer is presumably the most effective spiral freezer on the market when it comes to capacity and energy consumption.

Scanico Single Drum Spiral Freezer

Single Drum Freezer

The Scanico Single Drum Spiral Freezer is the most flexible spiral solution and can be adapted to fit almost any processing line.

Scanico Twin Drum Spiral Freezer

Twin Drum Freezer

The Scanico Twin Drum Spiral Freezer is the perfect solution for freezing of large capacities of packaged products.

Scanico Impingement Freezer, Type TwinImp

Impingement Freezer

The unique Scanico TwinImp with double impingement airflow ensures a quick freezing time with minimum product dehydration and maximum product quality.

Scanico TwinImp Crust Freezer

TwinImp Crust Freezer

The Scanico TwinImp Crust Freezer is the perfect solution for crust-freezing of delicate products prior to slicing and portioning.

Scanico A/S, Belt Freezer

Belt Freezer

The Scanico Belt Freezer is highly suitable for freezing of diced meat products and other similar small products, ensuring a high-quality IQF product.

Scanico Spiral Proofer

Spiral Proofer

The Scanico Spiral Proofer is designed with temperature and humidity control for continuous proofing of a wide range of bakery products.

Scanico Spiral Cooker - Pasteurizer

Spiral Cooker

The Scanico Spiral Cooker / Pasteurizer is highly suitable for cooking and pasteurizing of packed or non-packed food products.