Solutions to Customer Needs

Scanico A/S is one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient impingement and spiral systems:

Our spiral systems are designed for continuous freezing, chilling, steaming or proofing of a wide range of products. Each system is custom-made according to the specific nature of the products. The Scanico spiral system is designed to ensure easy operation and maintenance – and to meet the highest hygiene requirements at all times.

In addition to our spiral systems, we offer a variety of straight belt freezers including the patented:

These are especially suitable for freezing thin or sensitive products such as beef patties, chicken, fish fillets and crust freezing meat prior to portioning – ensuring quick freezing with minimum product dehydration, while preserving product shape and quality.

Scanico has supplied spiral systems to the food industry for more than 20 years. Our technology adds value to production plants throughout the world.


Scanico TwinImp Beef Patty Freezer
See the video of our Scanico TwinImp Beef Patty Freezer
Scanico TwinStep cooler/freezer
See the video of our Scanico TwinStep cooler/freezer
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